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Nutritional Advice
Nutritional advice is not just for people eager to lose a few extra pounds, its important that everybody has a balanced diet and eats correctly, however fit and healthy they are.  Food is fuel and if your body isn’t getting the right fuel, it wont work the way its supposed to and can result in headaches, tiredness, lack of sleep, mood fluctuations, bloated discomfort and many other problems you don’t have to live with!

You may want to build muscle mass, eat for a specific training routine or just make sure your body gets what it needs, whatever the reason, its never too late to make a difference. 

Its about getting the right amounts from the different nutrient groups to meet whatever demands you have.  While we can help with short term aspirations, its all about long term solutions and improvements. 

What’s Involved

Step 1 - Analysis of your current nutrition – You complete a food diary, nutritional questionnaire and answer a few important questions with us.  Taking your lifestyle factors and special requirements into consideration, we can design a nutritional programme that is specific to you.  This is vital as depending on your size, weight and level of activity every bodies requirements are different.

Step 2 – Consultation.  With a full review of your diary done, we now discuss the
essential food groups that you need and break down your diet into nutrient categories, calculating the percentages you are currently consuming and comparing them to what you should be consuming.

We also identify the positive and negative aspects of your food intake, working together to establish a plan that is realistic and achievable.  Calories, timing of meals and hunger and energy levels will be discussed along with any questions you may have.

At the end of the consultation you will receive a full report with recommendations, new objectives and daily allowances specifically for you.

Feeding your body the right things at the right time can make all the difference.

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