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Personal Training
Everyone thinks that exercise has to be done in a gym which is why so many people join up and then stop going after just a few months.  With Personal Training, we can ensure that your exercise plan is designed specifically for you, is practical and realistic for your lifestyle and will ensure success with short and long term goals set to keep you on track.

So whether its 1-2-1 training or in a small group we can help you achieve your goals and exercise smarter not harder!  By working at the right intensity for the right duration and putting your body in the optimum state for exercise you can feel assured that your getting the most out of your workout.

Our service is designed for everyone from complete exercise beginners to those wanting to train for a special event/occasion, to individuals recovering from an injury or just taking a break in their routine.  Our sessions are hard work but the results are worthwhile and as we make every session different and enjoyable, you’ll see constant progression in strength, tone and weight loss.  Posture problems and muscular imbalances are always addressed and corrected to keep you on target and functioning efficiently. 
Start with our free consultation to discuss your objectives and let us take a look at your nutrition and current exercise programme to ensure we meet your needs from the outset.

Average cost of each Personal Training session plus programmes and guidance is £50 (£45 for a block of 10 sessions)

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